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Where’s Where

Campaign Locations

Vancouver – The Gateway City; The Sleeping Dragon; The Bachanal Begins. Our campaign city.
Chinatown – China is Here.
Main and Hastings – Pain and Wastings
Gastown – Tourist Central.
Lion’s Gate Bridge – Entrance to the DMZ.
PNE Fairgrounds – Carnival of Ghouls.
Richmond Night Market – It’s Bigger Than You Think.
Riverview Hospital – Damned Creepy.
Sewers – Underground Highway.
Stanley Park – A Wilderness in a Sea of Glass
Tokaido Sushi and Bar – Chat and Chow

Other Locations

Pirate’s Bay – A bar in the Downtown Eastside.

Who’s Who


Limo Driver – Face of Vancouver, the Gateway City. (S/He needs a name and an aspect.)
Sun – Face of Vancouver, the Sleeping Dragon. (She needs a name and an aspect.)
Terry Swansen – Purveyor of Pleasure. Face of Vancouver, the Bachanal Begins.
James Wong – Been Here Since the Beginning. Face of the Richmond Night Market.
Genus Loci – Face of Stanley Park. (S/He/It needs a name and an aspect.)
Monsarrat and Pratley – Disapproving Doormen. Face of Lion’s Gate Bridge.
Sheila Thompson – Runs the WISH Drop-In Centre. Face of Main and Hastings.
Oni Chef – Face of Tokaido Sushi and Bar. (S/He/It needs a name and an aspect.)
The Thin Man – Grinning Ghoul Pitchman in Snakeskin Boots. Face of the PNE Fairgrounds.
Doctor Parmandeep Singh – The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few. Face of Riverview Hospital.
Old Wing Chung Master – Face of Chinatown. (S/He needs a name and an aspect.)
Chatty George – Never Shuts Up. Face of Gastown.
The Ragged Man – Sly, Troll Cabbie. Face of the Sewers.

Other NPCs

Tommy – Biker. Looking to revenge his brother’s death on Derek Chance.
Susan Miller – Friend of Raven’s. Abused girlfriend of Simon Rickards.
Chad Miller – Son of Susan Miller.
Jessica Miller – Daughter of Susan Miller.
Simon Rickards – Biker, Devil’s Own. Boyfriend of Susan Miller.


Devil’s Own -

Player Characters

Derek Chance
Raven George
Father J Tucker Roosevelt

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