The City of Gates

No Colour Commentary - 1st Session

Game started in medias res with the party in Father Roosevelt’s Honda Odyssey being chased by bikers down East Hastings.

It turns out that Susan Miller, a friend of Raven’s, has been in an abusive relationship with a biker named Simon Rickards. Susan called Raven asking for help. It is now two days later, we are being chased, and there is a corpse in the back seat. The corpse was probably caused by us.

The game rewinds two days to just after the call and play begins.

Susan’s boyfriend, Simon Rickards is a member of the gang, the Devil’s Own (Big Time, Wanna Be Satan Worshipers). Investigation into the gang reveals them to be actual Satan worshippers, small time drug dealers, and autonomous. The major gangs in Vancouver aren’t touching them. Other investigations show that ritual summoning materiel is being bought up.

Raven discovered that Susan and her two children, Chad and Jessica, have gone missing. Chance finds out that the Devil’s Own hang out at a bar named the Pirate’s Bay. Akira talks to ghosts and finds out that the kids are already dead and their ghosts are in Stanley Park.

Raven, Chance, and the Father go to the Pirate’s Bay in search of the gang. At the bar, Chance has a run in with a biker named Tommy. Tommy wants revenge for Chance killing his brother years ago and they make plans to meet later that night to settle matters.

While they don’t find the gang, the barmaid says they haven’t been in since the night before when they raised a ruckus. They left with several bottles of alcohol saying they were going to take in some “Wild Life”. She also mentioned that sometimes their women go down to the WISH Foundation for safety’s sake.

Akira goes to Stanley Park in search of the children’s ghosts where he meets up with Nathanial. Between the two of them, they are able to find the location of where the children were ritually killed (down by Hidden Lake). Investigation of the site indicates that a big entity was summoned from the Nevernever through the children’s sacrifice.

Akira is able to contact the ghosts of the children

Nathanial calls Raven, Chance, and the Father and asks them to come to Stanley Park. Akira sends them iPhone photos of the sigils and ritual site.

Along the way, Raven, Chance, and the Father are delayed by a friend of Tommy’s, Freddy Minchin, who is trying to score points with him by taking out Chance. Freddy gets shot, tries to run away, has his bike shot, is asked a couple of questions, shot again as a favour, and advised by the Father to go to Covenant House. One thing that Freddy mentions is that Tommy had told them all to not mess with the Devil’s Own.

Back at Stanley Park, a tentacled beast breaks through the weak spot caused by the ritual and Nathanial and Akira valiantly hold it back from fully entering into the material world.

Raven, Chance, and the Father show up and join in. As a group, they manage to force the creature back. Vlad the Impala gets tagged through the engine block. After the beast is banished, Father Roosevelt lays the spirits of the children to rest.

The game ends with Vlad being pushed out of the park while Raven ritually cleans the site.



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